Learn How To Learn At Home

Learn How To Learn At Home

August 19, 2020

Helpful Homeschool Habits

This school year is going to be different for a lot of school age children and their parents. Some schools are allowing students to return with social distancing guidelines in place, some schools are keeping a virtual classroom, and some parents are choosing to cyber school. If your child is learning from home, here are some hints to help your family face the challenges that at-home learning presents:


  • Keep A Routine: One of the best things about a rigid school-day schedule is the routine and the structure. Maintain that at home by waking up at the same time, keeping your morning routine (yes you still have to brush your teeth!), finishing the school day at the same time, and allocating a block of time for homework.
  • Recess And Breaks: Younger students have recess for a reason, but older kids need breaks too. Staring at a computer screen strains the eyes, so set a timer to get up, stretch, walk around, or play outside. Experts say that people (even adults) should take an eye-break from the computer every two hours and focus on something farther away than a monitor, phone, or tablet.
  • Healthy SnackingBeing at home means it's easy and convenient to munch all day. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but without healthy snacks, some parents are worried that their kids will eat junk food all day. Meal prep snack portions for the day or the week with healthy fruits, veggies, and snacks so if your children want to nosh, they can grab these snacks out of the fridge.
  • Lunch Time: Lunch is crucial for children, not only because they have to eat, but it also allows them a break from learning to socialize with their friends. Copy that at lunch time. Have your students stop working on the computer, sit at the table, and have an easy lunch prepared. Don't talk about school, instead focus on topics that your children enjoy. Recreate the lunch room conversations that they are missing out on.
  • Get Dressed: Whether they are required to wear uniforms or appear on Zoom video calls, it's important that your kids get dressed in the morning as part of their routine. If they stay in their pajamas all day, they won't have a meaningful transition from relaxing at home to studying for school. Plus, once the school day is over, they can change out of their school clothes into their normal attire.
  • Be Active: Some children only get physical activity from gym class or recess. If your child's school isn't providing a video gym class, it's up to you to keep your kids healthy. Stretching and exercises are easy things that you can do inside to be active. If you can, going outside and running, playing sports, or doing yoga is a fun way to get away from the computer and let out some pent-up energy.


What are you planning on doing this school year? Comment and let us know how your family is handling these changes and challenges.



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