Halloween At Home

Halloween At Home

October 28, 2020

Halloween In Quarantine - How To Celebrate Safely

Trick or treating has been cancelled in a lot of cities and municipalities, which is a total bummer for children who love to dress up and eat candy. How do you still celebrate this spooky holiday at home?

  • Taste Test Candy: Buy a mixed bag of candy (make sure you grab your favorites) and unwrap them. Make piles or lines of the candy for each of your children and turn it into a sensory experience. Try to guess the candy based on how it looks and feels. Taste the candy and see if you can figure out which candy is which (or witch).
  • Carve Pumpkins: It's ok if your family already carved pumpkins, buy another carve-able fruit like melons. Always practice safety with carving instruments and knives, but get creative. Print out stencils online or try to carve your favorite characters.
  • Costume Photo Op: If nobody will see your costume, should you even wear it? YES! Make a backdrop and model your costumes for insta-worthy photos. If your child is dressed as a superhero, put a cityscape on the TV in the background and take photos of them "flying" around. If your child is dressed as a witch, give them a cauldron to stir. Play around and have fun because that's what Halloween is really about - being silly in a costume.
  • Scary Movie Marathon: Grab your favorite snacks, candies, and comfy blankets and pile on the couch. Cuddle and encourage discussion about movie monster makeup and costumes so your kids can understand that the scary guys are actors dressed up for a role.
  • Halloween Dance Party: Halloween music is the best, and nothing incites a dance party like boundless sugar and candy energy. Crank the tunes and jam out to the classics. Spotify and Youtube have great Halloween playlists or you can listen to your favorite spooky music soundtrack.
  • Decorate The HouseMake and create decorations for your home and go buck wild with the pumpkins, spiderwebs, glow in the dark ghosts, and skeletons. Put decorations in places to try to spook each other, like a witch in the shower or a zombie in the fridge.
  • Play Halloween Games: Bob for apples, wrap yourselves up in toilet paper like mummies and race, bean bag toss into your carved pumpkins, or make some slime. Winner gets candy! Just kidding, everyone gets candy, it's Halloween!
  • Hand Out Candy From Afar: You can socially distance and still hand out candy to the trick or treaters (if your town allows it). Come up with creative ways like a pulley system with clotheslines to pin candy to and string it out to people on the street. Or you can put out self-serve bucket and comment on the costumed people as they grab their own candy.
  • Host A Virtual Party: Everyone is getting better at using virtual meetings like Zoom or Skype to communicate "face to face". Use one of these platforms to host a virtual Halloween party, throw a costume contest, play games, dance to Halloween music, and enjoy this holiday with your friends and family even if you can't be together.

What are your plans for this Halloween? Comment below and let us know how your family is staying safe but staying spooky!

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