Fun Fall Family Activities

Fun Fall Family Activities

September 30, 2020

Fall Family Fun

After the heat of summer, fall is a great season. Autumn is the cool crisp air, changing leaves, and a last chance to enjoy activities outside before the cold winter sets in. We've put together a list of fun activities to get you and your family outside for the fall weather:


Fall Foliage Viewing: Whether you want to walk, drive, or go camping, there is nothing cooler than seeing the vibrant colors of the leaves as they change. The Smoky Mountains website offers a nationwide map of fall foliage status, including when the leaves will be at their peak color. You can identify different types of trees, watch as the wildlife gets ready for winter, and collect different colored leaves for a multitude of fun crafts!


Corn Maze: Anything outdoors is better than being indoors, especially for social distancing. We recommend taking your family to a corn maze and getting lost for a couple of hours. Check out this map from MazePlay to find a corn maze near you!


Picking Pumpkins: Pumpkin patches and local farms need your support before the cold weather and frost hits. Stroll around and pick pumpkins to take home for decoration, cooking, baking, or carving. Here is a state-by-state list of pumpkin patches in your area.


Apples And Cider: Much like picking pumpkins, going to apple orchards is a rewarding experience. Not only do you get to pick your own apples, but many orchards have shops that sell apple pie, candied apples, and cider (which is the grown-up version of apple juice). This interactive map from Apples From NY shows you apple orchards near you.


ZoosMany outdoor zoos are offering discounts around this time to draw in customers. A trip to the zoo is fun and educational, and provides a different perspective for children. The San Diego Zoo is admitting kids under 11 years old for free for the entire month of October!


Theme Parks: Many theme parks are reopening with social distancing and mask enforcement, but if you want to have some fun thrills before the winter hits, call or go online to your local theme parks and see if they're open. Some theme parks are requiring guests to make appointments so they only let in a small number of guests at a time, so make sure you book now!


Horseback Riding: This exhilarating experience is fun and educational. Children get to learn about animals, horses, and equestrianism while they bond with these beautiful animals. Here is a list of horseback riding trails state-by-state so you can find ones closest to you. Remember, wear a helmet and take the riding lessons! 


Bird Watching: A great fall activity that is educational and just so much fun. Grab a pair of binoculars and head to your local birding hotspot. Here is an interactive map from eBird showing where you can find local bird hotspots in your area. Bring a local wildlife guide and try to identify the birds you see!


Hayrides: Whether you want a haunted hay ride for Halloween or just a casual stroll on the back of the tractor, there is something special about hanging out with your family on a slow-moving land cruise. Here is a list of hayrides state-by-state so you can find one near you. Remember to wear jeans or something thick so you don't get too itchy!


Stargazing: Whether you want to camp with a bonfire or not, there is something so serene about sitting under the stars observing the night sky. It is educational and invites conversations about space and science. If you live in a city or somewhere with a lot of light pollution, your family might never have seen the night sky in all its splendor. This awesome map from Dark Site Finder shows light pollution in your area and points out the best places to go to see the most stars.


Geocaching: This program turns everyday life into a fun treasure hunt! Download the app or access the website online  to find hidden geocaches near you and spend a day hunting them down and finding them. Don't forget to bring something to replace your geocache with and a pencil. Record your findings and share them with others.



This list is just a small collection of fun fall family activities that are mostly outdoors, socially distanced, and not too strenuous for family members. What does your family like to do in the fall season? Comment below with your favorite activities, traditions, or holidays!

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