Donate And Do Good

Donate And Do Good

September 09, 2020

Best Places To Donate Kids Clothing And Toys

Raising children means that they will undoubtedly outgrow every toy they play with and every piece of clothing they wear. If you're lucky, you can hand these items down to a younger sibling or family member. Most of the time, though, these things can clutter up your house or end up in the trash. We've put together a list of the best places to donate children's stuff, in person or by mail, to make it as easy as possible.



1. Room To Grow

This non-profit accepts baby and toddler clothes up to 5T, as well as books, toys, and a lot more. They have locations in Boston and New York, but you can always mail in your donations with a form for a tax deduction.


2. Salvation Army

This American institution has helped millions of people, and they have convenient locations across the country. You can find one near you or schedule a pick up. They take all clothing, toys, books, and adult items as well.


3. Soles 4 Souls

Save your shoes from ending up in a landfill and donate them to those in need. You can ship up to 50 pounds for free with Zappos For Good, so don't be afraid to clean out your shoe closet.


4. Goodwill

This organization has many locations across the country, making it easy to donate. Even if there isn't one close to you, chances are there is a Goodwill donation bin. They accept clothing, shoes, books, toys, and most items in gently used or good condition.


5. Within Your Local Community

  • Clothing for children and babies is usually accepted at local religious institutions, such as churches, mosques, or synagogues. 
  • Clothing, unused school supplies, and some toys can usually be accepted at your local school. They either give it to a charity of their choice, or keep it for current or future students.
  • Books can always be donated to your local library. Some libraries even offer a credit for donating books.


What kinds of items are you looking to donate? Where have you donated in the past that made a difference within your community? Comment below and let us know.

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